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Friday, September 25

Five Friday Fav's

I got this idea Five Friday Fav's at Bad Girls from cutie Kaytee

Ok. let's go!

1. I was in the bookstore a few weeks ago and lovin' the Naughty Secretary's Club Guide to Handmade Jewelry of course lovin the title partly because of my new reading glasses givin' me a new persona, and then stumbled upon her blog with this awesome project!!! SCREEN PRINTED RECORD CRAFTS! I hope Jennifer Perkins doesn't mind me sharing her awesome project here (using her YUDU):

2. A friend on Facebook posted a link to a website dedicated to Dollar Store Crafts, something that my friends and I thought was our best-kept secret! hahaha

3. Sweet Tooth Embroidery Pattern by Elsie Flanigan at Red Velvet Art. I'm working on an embroidery pattern I bought from her grand opening, a baby unicorn, that is no longer available.

4. My SIL's recipe for French Toast Strata/Casserole - YUM! I'm going to make it for my girlfriends this weekend for a scrappy sleepover!!!

5. Football Scene from Glee!

***What is one of your favorites today?***



Kaytee said...

Yay!! I am so glad you are playing along!!! I love Glee!! That football scene was great! I have to check out the Dollar Store Crafts things... I am an impulse shopper and the dollar store is great therapy... LOL Happy Friday hun!

Angie Backen said...

you. YOU are a fave of mine. yep. ;)
and that dance scene from glee. why did that make me cry? i dunno. i'm weird like that. i have mentioned how much i love your blog? it's so bright and girly and fun. i needa fun-ify mine.
thanks for sharing your FFF!

Valerie said...

Love your list!! That football scene from Glee was awesome, I loved it!! Have a good weekend!!

Rachel said...

Facebook! I'm on Facebook... look me up! Rachel S. Lombardo ... you leave me the nicest messages on my blog and I want to make it my mission to get you in the Halloween spirit! (I hate summer since I am a Florida girl... I dream of the crisp fall weather and decorating is as close as I am going to geT!)
I love the dollar store craft idea... off to check it out!!!

Marit said...

Love your Five Friday Favs! (although I'm late... it's Thursday now! So I'll check on you tomorrow for your new FFF's.... )