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Monday, October 12

Bad Girls Project 52 Challenge #1

I friendly welcome you, 
Project 52 Fans, to 
*~*Blog Festival*~*
We are going to amplify your awesomeness!!!!

Make a stop at each link (see below) 
and follow Wendy's instructions 
to have a chance to win 
her fabuloso yummy scrumptious prize!!! 

Here are My Five Favorite Tools for Beginning Mixed Media:
(you probably already  have most of these so NO FEAR just create and BE FREE, BE YOU, there are 

1) A Craft Mat such as the Tattered Angels Misting Mat

Cover your work surface with these high quality, heat resistant mats. Perfect for misting, heat gun use, soldering, painting, stamping, clay, candle & soap making, and other craft applications. Smooth, nonporous surface is easy to clean. The Misting Mat rolls up easily and stores, to go to your favorite crafting event. This product is featured as BAD GIRLS JULY PRODUCT OF THE MONTH!!! To read the review, look here: http://badgirlskits.com/mb/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=8766 
I love this because you can clean it with water and it wipes right off. You can spray your mists or inks on the mat and then swirl your paper on top for creative effects. 

A frugal option in a bind: Wax paper although it's not environmentally-friendly.

2) Foam brushes

What can I say about foam brushes? they are cheap, and they can be used to apply gesso (which is used as a base for paint or to cover up paint mistakes, then paint over the gesso), or acrylic glazes.

3. A small and medium size filbert brush (on my WISH LIST)

These range in price from about $1 to $5.  Here are some brush buying tips from Ben Franklin Crafts.

4. Embossing Heat Tool

I use this for drying paint fast!  
* Tinted embossing pad lets you know how much ink is applied to your surface for an even emboss.
* Dries clear.
* Using the heat tool on metal foils or mesh creates even more unusual colors and patterns.

Frugal option: Hair Dryer although I've never tried this!

5.  Clover Needle Felting Tool

 I love adding wool felt and wool felt shapes to projects. Use this tool to create the shapes. Check out more accessories and starter kits for wool felting here.
  • A little piercing with this sewing and craft supply is all it takes
  • Craft tool makes appliques easy
Here is my take on CHALLENGE #1 -Canvas (board, stretched, un-stretched, etc… 
  • Theme – Hero (real, historical, fantasy, invented, comic, etc…)  
  • Required material - Natural item (dried flowers, skeletonized leaves, etc…)
  • Challenge Group #1:  Julie Ann, Aimee, Francesca, Kathryn, Tania







"Be the hero of your own story"

Supplies: 12x12 Canvas; Craft Acrylics; Golden Soft Gel Gloss; Golden Medium Matte;Glimmer Mist: Tim Holtz Crackle Paint; Red Ink; Gold and Soft BrownSpray Paint; Craft Wings; Wool Felt, Felting Tools; Craft Mirrors;Basic Grey Rubons; Prima Letter Stickers; Rubber Stamp Alpha Stamps;Ranger Distress Ink; Stayz-On Ink; Vintage Paper from the late 1800's; Fabri-Tac Adhesive,  Embossing Heat Tool, various found objects for masks

My project was inspired by the quote that I saw on Flickr. It is a birthday gift to my sister, who requested these colors. She asked for it to be like the "inside of a pumpkin." Do you think I came close?

My big tip for YOU is to just be FREE with adding layer upon layer upon layer, I must have about 20 layers of paint on here. You have to let each layer dry, and since I had zero patience plus I didn't start this til the last minute so I used my Embossing Heat Tool to dry the paint in just a few minutes. According to Wikipedia, allowing the layers to dry, gives your mixed media "integrity". Mixing your paints with various gloss and matte gels, mediums and pastes adds interest to each layer, as well as allows the layer underneath to show through. This page on the Golden Paints website is a good visual example of using gels.

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 ETA: I will be posting instructions for how to leave blog comments for those
not familiar with the blog world here at the Bad Girls site.



wendela said...

wow!! Julie ann!! I love your heart from wool felt! it's stunning!!

Vel said...

FABulous work on this, Julie! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Francesca Di Leo said...

love it girl... great job!

Lori Renn said...

Wow, so beautiful and inspiring! Love it!

AmyG said...

I love all of the layers of color and textures on your project! Gorgeous!

Kelly said...

very pretty! i'm having fun blog hopping here... :-)

Kaytee said...

Girl!!! This is fabulous!!! I love the wool felting! I definitely have to look into that!! Gorgeous as always!

Melanie Morales said...

This is so beautiful! I mainly do digital media and until I need a gift then it's printed and mounted to canvas and embellished; however, it normally stays digital. So, I'm not sure if this Bad Girl stuff is going to be for me or not. However, I'm already learning now to do some new stuff, so I may have to try it! I'm glad you're giving beginning tips! Thanks so much! Your work is beautiful!

Heather said...

I love your take on the challenge. The colours and layers are fabulous.

Julie Ann Shahin said...


Chris said...

Beautiful canvas - love the felt heart. thanks for the tool recommendations - I will put them on my wish list.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely amazing Julie!!! I DO have all those supplies (except the felting tool-which I WILL get). Your canvas i9s simply gorgeous! I am so happy you are the P52 coordinator and I can't wait to see what you all have in store for us! You rock Julie!!!

ScrapNSister1 said...

I especially love the heart with wings and wondered how you made the heart. Thanks for posting the tool info.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Thank you Karen, you are so sweet! Yay for having all the almost all the supplies. :)

Cyndi said...

Stunning! This is exactly the type of 'art' I would love to try. Since the dog ate my brush I'll be out shopping for new ones plus the felt tool. Way too much fun! Thanks for the tips :)

Natalie Laney said...

Love this, always wanted to work with wool.

Robyn W said...

i am really looking forward to having a go at some of these challenges, and learning as i go
thank you for your inspiration, i love your canvas

Nikki said...

very cool!!! thanx for all the info!

pollie said...

The canvas is beautiful...I don't have time to bloghop right now but how can I not? Thanks also for the tips on the five must have tools...I didn't know wax paper would work in a pinch!

BunnyKissd said...

This is great! Love the little felted heart and thank you for the list of tools! I've never heard of that misting mat and it sounds very handy!

Elizabeth Rosemond said...

Fantastic! I'm freaking out a little, since I'm really just a mixed media wannabe :)

april o. @ the artchics said...

Love it! I love the pink mat!!!! That is going on my wish list!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic canvas, love it


Madzcreationz said...

I've never worked on canvas before and I am so excited and inspired. I can't wait to go shopping for new supplies to get started on this project. Thanks for sharing your 5 faves...

*hopping off to the next blog now*

kreativekate said...

I love the little wool felted heart, and I love the stamping on the side of the canvas. Brilliant!

Tania said...

Love it JulieAnn
that woolen heart is gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

Very cool, I love it! I am adding the mat to my have to buy list. Thanks!

Robindefender said...

I love all the textures on your canvas!

lianne said...

amazing, beautiful colours, thanks so much for sharing

Anonymous said...

WOW Julie Ann....you have really grown as an artist..such inspiration.

Lesley said...

WOW Julie Ann...you have really grown as an artist...such wonderful inspiration.

Julie said...

Love this!!! And yes I think you got the colors spot on!!! I am anxious to try using the different paints and tons of layers now!

Karen said...

Wow, this is amazing and I totally love the colors. Your sister is going to love it!!!

Beth Perry said...

hahah I love the 'you are here' comment! lol
Yep, I def want one of those mats. And your project totally rocks, sista!!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Thanks again all, art is so fun, and remember there is no such thing as mistakes!

Teri said...

Sweet canvas, and the pink mat is a great tip--but I really love your blog background! Awesome!!!

Funky Finds said...

love your beautiful canvas!

Annie said...

I love your canvas, it is truly beautiful!

Annie B

Paulette said...

this project is amazing..love it!

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

OMG...your canvas is amazing!!!

katie said...

i love that misting mat! and you already know how much i love your project. "the inside of a pumpkin" -- that's so cool and imaginative! creativity runs in the family, huh?

Sandra said...

This is fab JA!! but you already knew that huh ;-)

gleestormont said...

i sooo love that winged heart page you made for your sis. did she love it (ok that's a rhetorical question, of COURSE SHE DID!!)

Passing Fancies said...

I love your canvas!!! The colors are amazing, it pretty much looks like the inside of a pumkin. A hair dryer might make waves or ripples which could be OK but might not be. I want to try it though so you'll probably see.

Angela Hoffmann said...

oooh Julie Ann this piece is really so awesome! and i am recently newly in love with needle felting..so the heart..really touches MY heart! awesome..
oh i came back to make sure i posted on the right spot over here..haha...well i like visiting your blog no matter anyway!

Tam said...

Wow! Julie I have 3 Of the 5 tools, now all I need is your insite bravery and talent!!!!Love love love your canvas, and if that the inside of your pumpkin' LOOK OUT Cinderella!!!!!