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Saturday, January 29

Take this free photography class with me in February!

All you need is:

to decide WHO it is that you are going to photograph.  this does NOT have to be your spouse.  other ideas include:
  • your children
  • your parents
  • your spouse/partner
  • your best friends
  • your neighbor
  • your grandchildren
  • your niece/nephew
  • your siblings
  • your pets
  • etc.
  • AND, you can photograph more than one loved one throughtout the course of the month.  i will be showing you photos of my handsome husband, my children, my mother, my mother in law...EVEN my dog!

locate your camera manual. (if you threw it away, you can find it online at your camera manufacturer's website)

  • please read up on your camera's aperture, ISO and flash.  (that is all you need to do at this point is to familiarize yourself with these three areas on your camera).

what you can expect from class:
  1. she will email the lessons daily to the email address you provided when you registered.
  2. each lesson will contain a sample photo (or photos) and a photo prompt for you.
  3. some lessons will also contain a photo tutorial for you.  these may be remedial for some of you.
Sign up here!

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