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Friday, February 25

Focus: Guest Blogger Beth Dargis

FOCUS by Beth Dargis, Encouraging Coach
What is a project you really want to do, but haven't gotten around to doing? For example, cleaning the basement, reconnecting with a friend or making a budget. Commit to working and focusing on that one project this month.

Take Action:
1. Write down your focus for the month ___________________________________________________
2. Write down what you will let go of this month to make time (i.e. TV, trips to the mall, a meeting you didn't want to attend anyway, other projects)

This month I want to scrapbook our summer vacation pictures, so I am cutting out doing some genealogy and some novel reading.
3. Write down small action steps to take that are 15-30 minutes each.

For example:
Find pictures
Put pictures in order
Browse scrapbooking magazines for ideas
Buy album and supplies
Do 5 pages at a time

4. Schedule time in your calendar for your project.
5. Decide on a reward for completing your project this month. ____________________________________

If you need help getting motivated for each step, e-mail me for a free e-coaching session at dargis@chartermi.net.

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