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Wednesday, September 9

Before & After Photo Processing with Picnik

I have to admit that it took me a few tries before I got with the Picnik craze that my scrapbooking friends were raving about. 
What is Picnik? http://www.picnik.com
It's online photo editing and processing, one click -super fast awesomeness.
Since I am used to Photoshop Elements were all the photo editing in done in the "Editor", the first few times in Picnik, I didn't go beyond the "Edit" screen. Of course, I did not get it.
Go exploring in the "Create" screen and a whole new world opens for 
creative photo editing {as Picnik.com states on the FAQ page, "you'll see our custom-made Effects (most of which have the ability to be painted into just the areas of your image where you want them)"}.
These are photos from the Labor Day weekend when my husband and I went boating at Sunset!
Did I mention that as my pal Michelle said it saves so much time with one click that would take an hour in Photoshop???


What have you been inspired to create within the past 48 hours? Leave me a link!


1 comment:

Marit said...

Glad you found something that works for you! My job is to work (edit pics) in Photoshop - I work for with it daily for years now and I can walk. talk. breath. do anything FAST in Photoshop - so I won't change to anything else.