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Tuesday, September 1

Have You Seen The Canvas Mini Albums From C&T?

Have you tried scrapping or art journaling with a canvas album yet? The C&T album is awesome because you can get inbetween the pages, and embroider or stuff them as you see fit! This is my {i bet i can make you believe in} "Love, Sex, and Magic" art journal I made for the C&T Creative Troupe Call Out for the Art Materials Trade Show earlier this year. The cover above is painted with soft body acrylic paint so the canvas remains flexible (green), a Prima felt piece layered with a peacock feather and black Prima flower. I made both the cover and page 1, then stuffed with fiberfill, and sewed it shut with a blanket-stitch.
Page 3 features Lutrador Mixed Media sheets. I printed a digital patterned paper (sofa's from a kit by Emily Merritt) and made it as an insert between page 2 and 3. The C&T Publishing Site tells more about Lutrador..."Everyone's talking about Lutradur, the fabulously versatile non-woven fabric. Your customers can cut it, sew it, paint it, print it, stencil it, stamp it, pleat it, dye it, distress it, draw on it, die-cut it, punch it, sculpt with it, bead it, do gel transfers onto it, weave it. Create delicate translucent effects with paints, inks, dyes, and stamps. The perfect size for ink-jet printers or all-in-ones. Available in 10-sheet packs exclusively from C&T Publishing." 

Go Natural!
• Blank, raw, 100% cotton canvas bound into a soft book that's ready to paint, sew,ink, dye, decoupage, stamp, cut, and embellish
• Available in two sizes: 7" x 8" and 8 1/2" x 11"
• Flexible, soft surface makes an ideal base for altered arts and mixed media
• Fill the 6 pocketed pages with batting or foam to make a soft book for children, or cut the pages to make a 12-page cloth book.
• Top and bottom edges are pre-stitched to prevent fraying.


Natasha said...

Love this very cool, can't wait to try one! Thanks for sharing with us!

Marit said...

Wow! I've never seen, or done, a canvas book. It's marvelous and you show so much possibilities with it!!! LOVE IT!!!
PS don't forget to put on the SIStv forum that you blogged - remember ;)

Anonymous said...

love your new blog girlie --- very cute. I havent updated mine in forever....just drowning in work.

Hugs to ya,

Diane B. said...

dang! that book is AWESOME!!!

listgirl said...

Hi JA! I found your new blog! That password thing is horrible, I hope I never forget mine! I'll subscribe to this new one in Reader. :)

maz said...

Well, where do I start! I love the look of your blog- and i totally love your art! Soooo inspiring... I'm going to have to get hold of some Lutrador, if I can get it shipped to the UK. Thanks for the ideas, see ya soon :)

Chris said...

where can you get these canvas books? this looks really cute and you did a great job! Your blog looks great - so colorful and happy!

Gretchen said...

just saying heeeey on your new blog!

twistedsoda said...

oh sister. Your blog is freaking awesome and I am really digging your style! I am so going to be a follower!! (hearts)

T said...

I think I need some of those canvas minis - how totally cool!

katie said...

this is AWESOME! i love how eclectic your style is. niiice!

danette said...

WOW!!! This is so cool. I would love to be able to do 1/2 this good. Very neat idea and I love your style of work!!! TFS