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Wednesday, October 21

How to Have No Fear with Art

I'm so frustrated!!! I made this lovely mosaic from some of my flickr favorites and other flickr images, and saved it to my desktop, however I didn't realize that doing so wouldn't link me to the correct artist. so I feel really bad that I can't give you the direct link to each artist.
Nevertheless, the show must go on!

I wanted to share today some encouragement to paint your canvas for the Bad Girls Project 52 canvas without fear! I found some of the following tips online:

A well-known acronym for fear is: FEAR = False evidence appearing real

SARK, author of Make Your Creative Dreams Real suggests you to try this acronym on instead:

Fill yourself up creatively

Accelerate movement – Do something, anything, to combat the inertia of staying still. SARK advocates “micro movements” that take anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes to complete. Those micro movements are the building blocks for our creative dreams and most importantly, get us moving!!

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
- Joseph Chilton Pearce

Now go create, and I'll see you at Bad Girls. :)



Angela Hoffmann said...

oooh! Julie Ann that is a perfect sentiment.and perfect for me to hear today!!

finnabair said...

Well said!
The fear is thwe worst enemy, bezouse it stops us from trying... to get rid of it or to make it smaller is a great step to cerativity!

Vel said...

That's very cool, Julie.

NewDesignGirl said...

Well said . . . I think I will have to pick that book up, sounds like a good read.

Crae Nelson said...

I love the fairy painting by Sascalia in your mosaic. They are beautiful. I can see why you favorited all of these, very inspiring.

Marit said...

"Loose the fear of being wrong"... WOW, that's just what I meant writing my last post... and now I read this on your blog! We're connected somehow, I guess! Thanks for the inpirational "mosaic" Love it!

NANCY DARE said...

I was just very fortunate to go on the Artful Voyage cruise with Tim Holtz...he's a great teacher/influence...the king of "Just Do It!" we came back with lots of inspiration!