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Sunday, November 22

Pre-Black Friday Shopping

I have been overdoing it with the shopping!!!

It's been fun. There are some pre-Black Friday sales and then once I get going, I just can't seem to stop. Does that ever happen to you? I get the shopping bug, and it feels so good, I want to shop and shop!

Of course, I have been shopping for art supplies! LOL  Now, I have a rule that I don't buy anymore unless I have a project in mind,  {and my favorite store is Bad Girls} it just so happens that I have a lot of projects lined up for the next few months!

In place of my art for today, here's some of what I've bought! The Christmas is obviously for my Christmas journal, and the rest I can't tell you what secret projects I'm working on!!! You'll have to check in and see!






pattiwest said...

woah, baby...that is a fabulous haul!! Can't wait to show you what I've done with the Que Sera Sera! *smiles*

Carmen said...

i feel like shopping too, te-hee!
i love what you got specially the lacey things, the leaves and those pink roses, where did you get them? in that bad girls shop?
i am definitively checking it out!!!
hugs !

Marit said...

You did some shopping indeed... wow girl! I'm in love with the lace... gorgeous! Can't wait to see all your projects coming...!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Carmen, if you click on the image, it should take you there!