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Thursday, November 5

Zetti Me

Today I grabbed my Wreck This Journal book as soon as I got up, and opened a random page that I could finish rather quickly, and made this...using my oil pastels. I love oil pastels. I decided to try my first Zetti self-portrait. It was driving me crazy to see Zetti this and Zetti that on Flickr...the Stop Art Piracy badge on my sidebar under my copyright policy is a Zetti girl. I'll let you google "Zettiology" and let you discover it like I did, but don't try to look in the dictionary because it won't be there. Have fun and enjoy the journey. So back to my art journal, to color outside the lines...I just let my drawing guide me before I knew what it was going to be about, and being that I had just awakened, I  wrote "I need energy." I'm glad I included a self-portrait, which was a last-minute addition, like my mother once told me sometimes it is more interesting to photograph things if you include a person in it.
Happy Thursday!



Vel said...

Love this! I'd never heard of zettiology so of course I had to google it. How fascinating! I think I could love it!

Lori Renn said...

I have a Wreck this Journal. Haven't touched it! Thanks for the inspiration, ja!!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Very out of the box, and so refreshing at the same time :)

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I love love love the COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES mantra. So powerful!

mean mom productions said...


Steph Devlin said...

Wow, girl you are an inspiration !!!!!
This is such an awesome project.
Thanks so much for popping by my blog the other day, wonderful to see you had visited.
Keep in touch xo