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Saturday, August 28

Summer of Love 2010

I have a treat for you! Sharing my Summer of Love 2010 Art Journal!

In the past, it's a struggle for me to say goodbye to summer as a person living in upstate NY. I would live in denial that Fall is coming. You could definitely say that I would go through a grieving process as summer is my favorite season, I mean, I do live in a place called Summerville.

When does Summer end in your mind? Does it end when the kids go back to school? Does it end after your vacation and you go back to work? Does it end with Labor Day? Does it end with the official date of September 21st? And how do you say goodbye?

This year, I didn't think when I saw the prompt in Kara's online class (now in PDF) at the beginning of summer I would be ready, but I am ready to make an art journal page to say goodbye to summer. I'm not sure I need to cling to it until September 21st.

Summer of Love 2010 Cover
My Summer of Love 2010 Art Journal Cover

Here are some of my pages from my Summer of Love Art Journal that I made from Kara Haupt's Online Class that is now available in PDF format in her Etsy Store. I highly recommend it, sooooo worth it!




Our Word for Summer: Live
Journaling regarding Summer Word: Live

Prompt: What is The Spine of Your Summer?


I Like __________ Too Much





Here's my playlist




I Don't Like ______________ All So Much Double Layout


 Favorite Summer Scent: Watermelon

Climbed A Tree Journaling


Found Text Prompt





Who Am I?



Sunglasses Reflection


Night Picnic Journaling


July Top 10


Mid August: Perhaps Summer Isn't Over Yet


Journal the Weather


If you would like to see my photographs that I took, both daytime and night photographs, for Kara's online class, you can view them on Flickr, here


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1 comment:

Kristi said...

how you constantly come up with the cutest stuff ever is beyond me! Love this post ♥