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Monday, December 27

I Am Loving Turning 40! For Realsies! LOL

It's Monday, December 27th, and I am F-O-R-T-Y!!!! I have been looking forward to this all year actually, cause what else is there to do?

We just took a trip to celebrate my birthday in fact, to a wonderful resort south of Cancun, Mexico. It was a dream trip.

I found this Top 40 list for Miss Oh-My-God-I-Can't-Be-40 and thought it was an awesome list to share

THE TOP 40 (modified) Ebony, August, 1997 by Laura B. Randolph
Ones I've achieved are in BOLD

1.) Peace of mind (and a piece of property).

2.) A will.

3.) Willpower.

4.) A savings account in your own name (and an IRA in the name of your future security).

5.) A mammogram.

6.) A manicure (not to mention a pedicure, a facial and a massage--all on the same day).

7.) A set of matching luggage.

8.) A ticket to some exotic place to unpack it.

9.) A great hairdresser, gynecologist and stockbroker. investment properties.

10.) A passionate, fiery, unforgettable love affair.

11.) A little black dress that makes you look five pounds thinner.

12.) A sense of humor, style and purpose.

13.) A selfish streak.

14.) A spiritual foundation that gets you through a very bad night without going crazy.

15.) A facial foundation that gets you through a very long day.

16.) A good bra.

17.) A good spa. Does a good chiropractor count?

18.) A library card (used often).

19.) A credit card (used sparingly).Bill Me Later dot com.

20.) At least one person in your life who says: "You call, I come."

21.) Good body language (multilingual!).

22.) A broken heart and the knowledge you can survive it.

23.) A cause celebre (domestic violence, infant mortality, save the whales--your choice).

24.) A personal relationship with God.

25.) A personal trainer.

26.) Selective amnesia ("What Saturday morning meeting?").

27.) Gall.

28.) A good skin-care regimen.

29.) The ability to converse on any subject without benefit of concrete knowledge or access to facts.

30.) A shocking secret.

31.) A pair of silk pajamas.

32.) A lifetime membership in at least one organization dedicated to uplifting women.

33.) The phone number of someone who is good with their hands.

34.) At least one drop-dead, don't-speak-to-me-because-you-know-you-don't-know-me gorgeous photo of yourself.

35.) A friendship that has stood the test of time.

36.) One last chance to tell the guy you were crazy about in your 20s who treated you like cigarette ashes on the floor what you were too dumb to know when he walked out with your heart in his hands: "Thank you, thank you, thank you." (Thank You Too Facebook for the Chance)

37.) A soul mate.

38.) Faith, hope and a good fantasy.

39.) A dream.

40.) A plan to make it come true.

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patti west said...

HAPPY, HAPPY 40TH!!! Looks like you celebrated in style! Thatta girl!!! I'm ten whole years ahead of you...but feeling pretty damn good about it. :) Love your list! Love this life!!! xxoo

Lee said...

Happy, happy day. It only gets better. Life really does begin at 40 :) Enjoy!

curlyqmosaics said...

Happy 40th Birthday! I love the list, very inspiring to acheive! I will turn 40 on May 3rd of this year....you make it sound exciting! TFS!

Nail Salons Utah said...

Cancun!!!! WOW!!! I loved the pictures and dreamed of being warm there. Happy 40th birthday!

Shellac Nails

linda said...

Looks wonderful - wow! Sending you birthday wishes and I just have to say... you look wayyyyy younger than 40!!!

Anonymous said...

Good God you are a fat pig!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Dear Anonymous,
What a coward you are!
Obviously I don't care what others think of my size, or I wouldn't have posted these photos.
I had an AWESOME time in Mexico.
Have a good year. As for me, I'm FABULOUS!!!!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Anonymous @ 7:50 pm
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