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Tuesday, December 28

Get Your 2011 Memory Logbooks Ready!!! Plus Coupon Code

Copied from the Log Your Memory Memory Minder newsletter: (I will not be posting Memory Minder emails, just this once, as you have to buy a LYM Logbook to received the Memory Minder emails).

We're gearing up for a great 2011!

January 1st is just a few days away (this Saturday!) and we'll officially get underway with our 2011 Memory Logbooks and this service soon after. In the meantime, I'd like to give you an idea of what you can expect from your Memory Minder, as well as provide a few tips to help you get ready for a great year of memory-keeping with your Logbook!

What you can expect from your Minder Minder service ...

Your Memory Minder subscription was designed to provide you with three significant benefits ...
1) to make it super easy to access your Memory Logbook's Weekly Challenge content,
2) to help you figure out how to make the Memory Logbook really work for YOU, and
3) to help remind you to USE your Memory Logbook and all of the features and benefits that go along with it!

To do this, your Memory Minder emails will ...
--> Arrive in your inbox first thing every Monday morning (Mountain Time), just in time for that week's Weekly Challenge, as well as occasionally during the week when there is reason for a little extra help, reminding or sharing!
--> Include the full content for the current Weekly Challenge, including the sample layout shown in your Memory Logbook, as well as the challenge itself and any variations or extensions provided.
--> Remind you of any chats or other activities planned that week in relation to the Weekly Challenge.
--> Give you a peek at several additional layouts created by the Log Your Memory Challenge Team to give you further inspiration for the Weekly Challenge.
--> Provide additional ideas, resources and inspiration for the Weekly Challenge beyond what is included in your Memory Logbook.
--> Occasionally alert you to special offers, sales and other opportunities related to current as well as future editions of the Memory Logbook.
--> Very likely evolve and change over the course of the year as we figure out what works best ... feel free to provide feedback at any time!

Getting ready to use your 2011 Memory Logbook ...

A little advance preparation can help you start your memory-keeping year off on the right foot! A few tips and ideas to help get the process started...
  • If you purchased a downloadable logbook, now is the time to get it printed out. If doing the entire book seems overwhelming, consider printing just the first 3 or 4 months.
  • Double-check that your email spam blockers are set so that your Memory Minder emails will come through without problem.
  • There's strength in numbers!! Do you have a friend or family member who might like to join you in your memory-keeping this year? Tell them about the Memory Logbook!! (You can even share this coupon code to help get them started with a 10% discount on any 2011 Memory Logbook product: MEMORYFRIEND10, expires 1/10/2011)

See you next Monday ... and have a very Happy New Year!

:) wirtten by Kristin Rutten

Copyright © 2010 Log Your Memory, All rights reserved.

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