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Monday, February 14

Scrapbooker's Valentine Day Adventure Itinerary

Ok Scrapbook Friends! I'm sending you on an adventure, and the deal is that you have to come back and tell me all about your adventure, or email me! This is taken from the book "Fabulous Friendship Festival" by Sark.  The Scrapbook theme is all me.  You can choose from an All-Day Itinerary or a Half-Day Itinerary. If you blog about your adventure, come back here, and add yourself to Mister Linky.

Fabulous Friendship Festival: Loving Wildly, Learning Deeply, Living Fully with Our Friends

Full Day Itinerary
When you wake up:
  • Pack a small bag with: journal or sketchbook water, piece of fruit or other snack, bring a sweater or jacket.Optional: a few scrapbook supplies you can take into a coffeeshop
  • Wear something you don't usually wear
  • Go to Starbucks, and order the Nonfat Tazo® Green Tea Latte (only 150 calories!)
  • Walk to a table and sit down. Take out your journal or sketchbook and write for 15 minutes about what's meaningful in your life today, or sketch it out. If you want you could even draw two or three layout sketches to go along with your journaling. If you brought scrapbook supplies, make an art journal page about what's meaningful in your life today.
  • You're going to P.F. Chang's and order the Buddha's Feast Lunch Bowl or Crispy Honey Chicken Lunch Bowl. (They also offer a Gluten Free Menu)
  • It's nature time. Find a tree (if it's too cold to sit under it, sit near it in your car or shelter) and write a poem about it, or a description, or find something else in nature to write about.
  • Massage at (use this search engine for an American Massage Therapy Association Member)
  • Or a movie at (enter your zip code under Movie Times here for movies near you)
Afternoon Tea or Snack Festival:
  • Go to Panera Bread and order a Valentine's Day Cookie
Pleasure Walk:
  • Start wherever you are and walk for ten minutes, then lie down and smile.
  • Make a layout about your day.
Blog or email me about your adventure!

Half-Day Itinerary
Afternoon or Evening:
  • Bring a camera or drawing pad and notebook, wear a scarf. Make a reservation at Chili's at 6 p.m.
  • Go 15 minutes early, sit at the bar, and order a drink. Discuss with the bartender or another patron about what's meaningful to them in their life today. 
  • Take a picture or do a sketch or this person.
  • Next, go to the art museum in your town. Find a piece of art that you love. Write about why you love it, how it makes you feel.
  • Go home in a limousine or rented Mercedes. (Use this coupon from Hertz.)
  • Make a layout about your day.
Blog or email me about your adventure!!!

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