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Wednesday, September 16

Ode to Mixed Media Bird

Artists don't make objects. Artists make mythologies.
Anish Kapoor

I was inspired to make this plush bird as a way to reach out of my current box, reach back to my roots as a designer, as one who sews for fun. It is interesting how many of my interests converge here: felting, sewing, embroidery, beading. 
  • This is my first mixed media plushie
  • The pattern is my own original free hand design (inspired after looking at many many many bird images)
  • I made it in three days
  • I'm not sure I'm done with it, I'll let it sit a while then see if I feel if it needs more embellishing
Side View
The head features an embroidered eye (lazy daisy stitch), with random beads over mainly blue felted background machine-stitched for texture.

You can see here that there is a mixture of seed beads in this patch at about the throat area. There is also a pink button added. I'm all about an ecletic mix, a random mix. I try to avoid a "perfect" look in fact.

Upper Body
For the upper body, I cut circles from sheer fabric that blended from light blue to dark blue. I attached it with a sequin & bead. You can also see some of the embroidery (petal chain stitch in yellow) I did on the yellow wing above that.  If you want to learn embroidery, there is a great site that has simple, easy tutorials with photographs by sarah here.

Lower Body
Along the lower body, I embroidered in pink a basque stitch. I also made a beaded flower with a pearl in the center of each petal.

Overall, I am ecstatic that my pattern turned out exactly how I imagined once it was stitched and stuffed! I love the felted mixed media look, and will be doing more and experimenting more. I wonder if my bird looks completely amateur/first-time to those who have been doing it forever? LOL :)



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