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Wednesday, September 16

Ode to Vintage Comic Altered Box with Mini Album

“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.”

Pablo Picasso

I have had this box by Cosmo Cricket sitting around wishing to be altered for, gosh, over a year? Then all of a sudden, that window in the lid began "speaking" to me....errr, shall I say ideas started brewing of what could be peaking through. Then I thought wouldn't it be rad to alter it with this vintage romance comic book that 
I've had for a long time too. I adhered it with Mod Podge gloss, and sprinkled glitter over the Mod Podge as it dried. The glitter around the window is vintage glass glitter shards <--link which will tarnish over time.
The mini-album is made up of random transparencies, tags, vintage flashcards & postcards that I bought at an antique store, timecards, journal cards, and ephemera. You can see the individual pages posted link--> here.
If you notice the cover of the mini-album is the missing part of the cover of the altered box where the window is.



1 comment:

Vel said...

OMG Julie, this is just fabulous! I'm almost positive I have one of these sitting around somewhere...maybe I'll have to dig it out!