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Tuesday, November 3

Altered art journals


I have started two art journals. There is an interesting story with the vintage red scrapbook...I bought it about 5 years ago, when I first started scrapping. About 2 years ago, I sold it to my neighbor's mother in a garage sale. My neighbor's mother was moving this summer and had a garage sale, and wouldn't you know I bought this scrapbook back without realizing what I was doing until it dawned on me a week later? I guess if you really let something go, it will come back to you if you were meant to have it.

Here are my first pages inside of it, inspired by Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash Your Inner Eccentric by Violette. I used acrylics, the black writing is with my Copic Marker (love that you can write over anything!), and also Stickles glitter glue.


This page "Be The Hero of Your Own Story" was made prior to my canvas of the same title. I made the background directly on the book pages, and I made the angel on other paper, outlined with my black Copic marker, cut her out and adhered onto the background.

Below is my first entry into my Wreck This Journal book. This happened to be  the day I knocked over the glitter, spilling half the jar onto the carpet! My Facebook friends had a good laugh, said I should pour myself a drink and toast to my sparkly new carpet! :)

I love my new Female Symbol Stamp from Scenic Route, RAK'd to me from the spunky and cool Angela Meuse!

If you are interested in Wreck This Journal, check out these sites:


I almost forgot! You must check out the new Bad Girls Kits &

a Special Announcement!!!

A NOTE FROM WENDY RAGO, Owner of Bad Girls Kits: I am so very excited to make a few announcements that have been on the table here for us for quite a while. It is my hope after reading this that you will not only share in our excitement, but you will also understand why we have been so very busy here.

I told you back in June that my desire was to design and teach more….that is definitely my passion. I did have the chance to do just that and I really do enjoy it, but there has always been a part of me that desires state of the art products that I cannot find anywhere, so the answer to that problem was to design my own products…..so what does that mean? Well…..SURPRISE! BAD GIRLS is launching our very own manufacturing company. If things continue in the right direction, we will be launching our first lines in January at CHA Anaheim. So, I am soooo very jazzed to bring you amazingly new and innovative products that I so lovingly call BAD GIRLS COUTURE!!!! Watch for our new site coming very soon with a Design Team Call coming also.

I admit, it has been really fun designing all the new products, but it has also been a lot of work….probably more than what I expected. In light of everything I apologize for the design work being late here, but I am working on it and I promise it will be up soon. At the same time, with not only COUTURE coming up soon, but another kit club also *gasp*…more about that later….there will more than likely be some changes around here soon. And no worries girlies….you know we never sacrifice quality…it will only get better!
I want to wish all of you many Thanksgiving Blessings….I hope all of you have a very joyous holiday with your families.  www.badgirlskits.com


Janet O'Connor said...

Hi Julie, Don't you love Violette? She's so unique and spunky. I find her work inspiring and so much fun.
I like what you've put into your Vintage Red Journal- it's very uplifting.

Ana said...

That's so cute and treasurable, seems like there is a lot of story unwinding going on, bringing out more than just the inner child. Beautiful. Keep up the beautiful work.

Kathleen Summers said...

Very cool! And I love the story about the red book - too funny!

Pamela said...

Hey Julie Ann! Totally digging your shabby blog also. The story about the vintage red scrapbook coming back to you is fantastic and it was definitely meant to be yours - love what you are doing with it. I just got my "Wreck this Journal" and "This is Not a Book" from Amazon. Can't wait to start playing with them. I will check out those sites you recommend.

Anonymous said...

Wow and Cool! You're so creative and clever with your art journals! Neat story about buying your scrapbook back.

Vel said...

Aww, Julie, I love your art journal work. You inspire me, you know. Thanks for that!

kimosabescraps said...

oh wow, beautiful journals!! I love when I get glitter everywhere ;) makes me feel accomplished! rofl

Tracy said...

Hi there! Your blog look great. I noticed "Wreck This Journal" in one of your images. That is the coolest book. My daughter, Cami wanted a copy in the worst way. All summer she looked for it in any book store we visited, unsure whether she wanted to spend her own money on it. Her 12th birthday was in October and I bought her the journal as a gift and she was thrilled. She keeps looking at it and looking at it... but is unwilling to "wreck it!" She loves the idea of it, but can't bring herself to "do it!"

Sandie said...

Just a fab site. Your work is really inspiring to me. I can be uptight in my art play... and I come here, and I'm inspired to let loose a bit.

Sandra said...

Funny story on the red book, it sure is meant to be yours ;-)
Love your wreck this journal. You make me want to do things with art, but I don't look forward to the mess haha. Thanks JA!