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Saturday, November 14

Do you dare?

Layout by Julie Ann Shahin 

This week’s Digi Dare challenge idea from Leora!
He Said, She Said!
I always think it’s fun to get a male perspective and a female perspective on certain topics. For this week’s Dare, pick a question to ask, and write down your own answers. Then ask a member of the opposite gender (your DH, DS, partner, friend, etc.) the question and write down their answer. Then let’s scrap a page about it!
Dare Flares:
*include one or two photos.
*use speech bubbles to journal each person’s answer to the same question.
*make your question the title to the page, and make it really big!

Layouts are due by 11:59pm on Thurday 11/19 by uploading your layout to a gallery and linking it on the blog.  Can’t wait to see yours!

My parents came into town Thursday for an early Thanksgiving Friday evening. And I've been creating art, just not able to share yet! If you like digital scrapbooking, try the dare, all participants get a coupon to this week's sponsor!



Vel said...

OMG this is fabulous! So multi-talented you are!

after iris said...

This is so witty! It really made me laugh and it's such a feast for the eyes too.

CorazonArt said...

Very neat! Thanks for sharing this!

Beth said...

Hi JA! checking in to see what creative cool stuff you are up to lately! love your page up above!

Susie said...

Too cute, thanks for sharing.

Marit said...

O.M.G. I like this challenge and what you made with it! I'm just not a digi-scrapper, but I sure will use this challenge and make a page with it soon... love the idea!

Beth Perry said...

OMG! THAT IS HILARIOUSLY ADORABLE!! I love it!! I had to click all three: funny, interesting AND cool! Love it, baby! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Beth Perry said...

thanks, sweets, for your comment over at LSM!
Have a good day!

finnabair said...

I absolutley love this project!!!! you are totally amazing and creative person!