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Monday, February 8

Bad Girls Project 52 Challenge #9 Is Up!

"Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in."  ~Amy Lowell

Greetings to all the Bad Girls out there! Are you ready for a brand-new challenge?  We want to know what you think of our projects so be sure to leave comments! I'm sitting here watching The Who perform at the Superbowl as I write this. It's an thrilling event, and I can't tell you how I get just as excited every time we have a reveal week here at Project 52. This week another fantastic throw-down  to rev up your creative juices in a way only our Bad Girls Project 52 challenges do. Plus I have a special treat for you all with a.....



SIS TV profile
I wanted to shake up things here on the blog as we always have our Guest Designers at the end of the month. Larissa has been part of the Bad Girls Community since June 2008, and you can view her gallery here including this amazing 3-D cake, and this 3-D carousel. I always thought Larissa was very kind, and when I got to meet her in July, my intuition was confirmed that she is truly a beautiful soul. It was a highlight of my summer to get to spend some time scrapping together.

Larissa's Bio: My name is Larissa Albernaz. I´m 38 years old. I live in Brazil, in a city called Sao Jose dos Campos, state of Sao Paulo. I´m married and I have a 6 year old daughter, Isabela (a.k.a Bebel).

I have been scrapbooking for almost five years and I´m totally addicted which means I see artistic possibilities over everything around me. Every day, I enjoy perceiving the colors in my surroundings and I pay close attention to my inner emotions, even if it’s to throw them out only on a layout. 

Along the years, scrapbook has provided me a great sort of artistic possibilities. In fact, I can still learn some new techniques everyday and it provides me to express myself in style, mixing paper, embellishments, colors, memories and a message. So, scrapbooking to me is not only a way to preserve my memories but, it's the way I do Art.

In my Art I pursue something that has sense to me, which inspires me and that can be different, interesting, cute, creative, colorful and fun! My style is eclectic, crafty. I also love shabby and vintage styles, anything that has a great dimension. Larissa's Blog: http://lariscrap.blogspot.com/

Here is our Challenge #9!

Challenge 9 – Wooden Blank (any shape/subject, found, repurposed, or purchased)

  • Theme – Botanicals (flowers, leaves, trees, tropical, forest, real/fantasy, or etc…)

  • Required material – Wire (metallic, old/new, covered, colored, thin/thick, or etc…)

by Guest, LARISSA: "Where's The Magic"
Where there´s magic 1
"Where's The Magic" side view
Where there´s magic 2
Tips for Creating This at Home: For me the theme “Botanicals” harks back to the enchanted forest as the same does to the fairy tales. So, for this challenge, I decided SIS TV profile to trace the path to fantasy and for that matter, I painted a wooden book like shaped box. 
  • For the cover of the book-box, I used papers and flowers collage,
  • making the most of the stem wires to obtain some volume and the idea of a tangle of branches.
  • I added a “wooden fairy door” I bought at on etsy, and added glitter layers.
  • For the inside, I proceeded with the paper collage
  • and added my message, flowers, wires and a fairy.
"Where's The Magic" back view
Where there´s magic 3
"Where's The Magic" inside view
 Where there`s magic 4
Hot Glue
Wooden blank: box/book - fairy door
Patterned Paper: Webster´s Pages
Alphabet: little storytellers - Webster´s Pages
Embellishments: Whimsy threads - Webster´s Pages
Daisy D´s hinges
Brads: Basic Grey Origins
Flowers/Leaves?Covered wires: Prima
Distress Ink:  vintage Photo, Ranges
Acrylic paint: silver, Dabber
Tips For Creating This At Home:
I knew right away I wanted to use Garden Wire for this project. It is relatively inexpensive at a large box craft store. While I was there, I saw Martha Stewart's Crepe Paper Roses Kit, so I decided that would be my botanical part. The larger flowers are made from coffee filters. In addition, I used images of Georgia O'Keefe floral paintings to support the botanical part. The wood is the old shutter, I bought several at a garage sale years ago, $1 each. The birdhouse is not part of my project, I just thought I looked nice as it was on my window sill. :)
  • Clip floral image to shutter with clothespin
  • Adhere collage image to shutter (scallop border)
  • Wrap wire around shutter, tie in several spots around shutter slats to hold wire with shabby laces and ribbons
  • Make crepe paper roses and coffee filter flowers (instructions to be posted in the Bad Girls forums by Wednesday). Clip to wire with clothespin
  • Add additional embellishment clusters with clothespin for finishing touches
Old House Shutter
Garden Wire
Crepe paper, floral wire, floral tape
Coffee filters
Vintage beads from old necklace
Floral bead picks
Images of Georgia O'Keefe paintings from old calendar
Laces and ribbons
Crochet flowers
Fabric-covered Brads
Vintage photo
ATC clip
Quote cut from book
Gold ephemera frame

Dream tania 
Tips for Creating This At Home:

10taniadavey I started off with a large stick of balsa Wood, and cut the blocks using a steak knife, then I sanded them to make them nice and smooth. Then I gave the blocks and chipboard pieces a coat of paint. Once it was dry I used a thin paint brush to wind the wire around to make the springs, then I added the chippie shapes and used the glue and beads to stick the shapes into the blocks. Once it was all together I covered the pieces in Dimensional Magic and added some Stickles. I added magnets to the back of three of the pieces so it sticks to the fridge, I originally wanted to have them free standing but the balsa wood is just not heavy enough and it falls over all the time.
Dream1 tania
Dream2 tania

Balsa Wood
Cuttlebug Alphas
Chipboard Flowers
Chipboard Leaves
Dimensional Magic

by KATHRYN: "How Does Your Garden Grow?"
Picture002a kj

Tips for Creating This At Home:

For the back piece, cover the wood tray with patterned tissue paper. Use book pages 7kathrynjohnson inked with various shades of green to create "hills". Wrap wire around a paintbrush handle to make spirals, then wrap around strips of ric rack, and top with paper flowers. For the gate, paint white and add gold embossing. Create grass by cutting green tissue paper. Use wire to make water pouring from the watering can. The hinge
was created by using brads to attach rick rack to both pieces.
Picture003a kj2
Picture007a kj3
Picture008a kj4

small wood tray
small picket fence
tissue paper
gel medium
craft paint
embossing powder
vintage paper doll
Prima flowers
book pages
coated wire
letter stickers
pop dots


by AIMEE':
1aimee Tips for Making This At Home: Seeing all the leftover Christmas decorations at Michael's got me started on this project. I think I paid 11 cents each for the silver leaves and fillers on the tree. This piece has lots of depth because of it.
  • First off I knew I wanted to use some of my tree images I took a few years back to help the background pop.
  • I painted the 12 x 12 piece of wood with gesso to get rid of the brown of the wood and so it would have more tooth.
  • When that was dried I did an image transfer using Golden't gel matte medium with my images. Gel transfers are super easy you just have to have patience for them. Spread a layer on where you want to place the images you're transferring in my instance the trees. Place them face down onto the gel medium and let it sit overnight, make sure it's smooth and even.
  • The next day you will take your spray bottle and completely drench the paper (images) and start peeling up the layers of paper and you'll have the image left on the board!
  • I didn't have the entire bottom of the trees so I had to draw and colors those in to blend so it looked real. I used my general's pencil as well as the caran d'ache neocolor crayon.
  • Once the board was dry I painted on a thin glaze of Payne's grey acrylic blended with the golden glazing solution. This is better then diluting it with water, gives it a more consistant layer. Payne's grey always reminds me of winter, it's bluish gray and perfect for this piece.
  • Once that had dried I gave the board some texture or snow as I call it. I created the main tree base with the light molding paste, I spread it on with an old burnisher to make it uneven and have ridges. I also added some to the bottom of the board for snow piles. Let this dry, if it's thin it will dry fast if it's super thick let it dry overnight.
  • Once dry I started ripping apart the Christmas ornaments, they are all on their own wires so I could bend them and place them where I wanted. I started layering them using the clear glue. Let that dry flat and overnight.
  • Next take the bridal garland and start snipping off the pieces you like and place where you like on the tree or below with glue. Let that dry.
  • Add some glue to the areas you want to glimmer with glass and sprinkle on the glass flakes. Let that all dry.
  • Next comes the embellishing, I used and opaque white pen to draw swirls all over, I added the snowflake pendant/charm to the tree so it dangled, I added the Jolee flat snowflakes placed with glue.
  • Next I took the green distress ink and went around the edges of the quote.
  • Lastly I placed the bird. Both the bird and quote were glued with the gel medium and glazed over with it.
  • Once that was dry I traced around it with the sketch n wash pencil.
  • Voila you have a gorgeous winter scene! Super easy!!
What you'll need:
12 x 12 Wood blank (purchased at Michael's)
Golden Gel Medium Matte
Print out's of trees for background (will be used in image transfer)
Golden Light Molding Paste
acrylics ( I used Golden's Payne's grey, white), also used Claudine Hellmuth's
light blue paint
Jolee's (snowflakes)
snowflake pendant
Christmas decorations (all the silver and leaves in the tree) they were on clearance at Michael's
Bridal wire garland for the white flowers, heart and clear beads
White glass glitter for the shimmer on the snow (glass flakes)
Distress ink in green for around the quote
favorite quote
bird printout
clear glue
Caran d'ache Neocolors for the tree colors, chose sepia
General's sketch n wash pencil
White opaque gel pen
foam brush
Golden glazing solution
spray bottle of water
3francesca Tips for Making This At Home:
  • I used a 14” x 14” pine wood board. 
  • Over top I lathered on a medium thick coat of molding paste, and immediately drew with a stylus the alphabet all over the board. 
  • Once dry, I painted it with Golden fluid paints, Hansa Yellow, and then Gold Green over that.  Let dry.
  • Then I cut out small circles, sewed them together to cinch them into flowers. 
  • Added flower centres and hot glued to the canvas board. 
  • The stems are old book pages glued and lightly gessoed.
  • The wire flower was made just twisting it into the shape I wanted.  And this stem is half a branch. 
  • All hot glued on to the board.
Golden Fluid acrylic paints, hansa yellow and gold green

Pine wood board, 14” x 14”


Hot glue gun

Fabric for flowers

Molding paste


The winner of Challenge #9 will get to spend a $20 GC

in the Bad Girls Shoppe!

Deadline Saturday, February 20, 2010 Midnight Pacific Time - read rules carefully

Challenge # 9 – Wooden Blank (any shape/subject, found, repurposed, or purchased)

  • Theme – Botanicals(flowers, leaves, trees, tropical, forest, real/fantasy, or etc…) 
  • Required material Wire (metallic, old/new, covered, colored, thin/thick, or etc…)
  1. Complete all aspects of Challenge #9 Wood/Botanical/Wire as outlined above
  2. When you upload it the Bad Girls, select the  the Project 52 Gallery, make sure to title it "Challenge #9 Wood/Botanical/Wire" NOTE: Select Project 52 Gallery from drop-down menu when uploading
  3. **All Entries Must Post in the Challenge #9 Forum Thread With a Link and Tell Us About Your Process In a Few Short Sentences. Make Sure You Have All Three Steps! Due February 20, 2010 Midnight Pacific
Ok, ready set go!
Please take a moment and let our design team know what you think of their hard work above by leaving a blog comment! They really appreciate each and every comment and getting to know all of you in the Bad Girl community. Also tell your friends. Thanks!!


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