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Friday, February 5

Scrap Your Word for 2010!


Have you scrapped your word for 2010 yet? We Digi Dare Ya

I can't believe I am really doing this, yet here I am - stepping down from the Digi Dares http://www.digidares.com after 11 wonderful, challenging, awesome months. Many many many thanks to the fabulous Traci Reed for giving me this opportunity, I am honored to call you my friend. 

I had started off a fan of the Effer Dares, being a "traditional" scrapper, which the Digi Dares were inspired by as well. I became a hybrid scrapbooker, and then eventually I was quite heavy into digital for a time. It was during that time that I applied to be a Darer. I had admired these ladies doing for the digi community what the Effer Dares did for the physical scrapping community, to take you out of your box, and give you a daring challenge. For someone like me, the fact that it was digital was always another dare in itself. I can't tell you how much in love I am in with my Darer Gallery either, and you can poll all of the Darers - and you will find they will say similar things, how our Dare Layouts are our favorites. The topics have ranged from "What Are Your Quirks?" to "Scrap About A Low/Confession" to "Scrap Your Collections" to "Scrap A Risk You Took."

I myself can't quite believe I won't be adding to that gallery as an official Darer again. Oh, I haven't told you all why. I can't give all the details yet, let's just say that I want to give 100% of myself to my current commitments without spreading myself too thin. I've been spread thin for a few years now, between being on digital teams, manufacturer teams, print magazine teams, then online magazine teams, and challenge blogs all at the same time. I have slowly let go of my digital scrapbooking obligations, I am amazed by you girls who can handle the workload, and I applaud you - because you all are so super talented and are so prolific. I found myself drawn back to paints, glue, real tangible vintage papers and ephemera from my flea market finds, and thus you've seen me posting more and more mixed media work and less and less digital. I still love digital, and so I hung on to the Digi Dares as long as I could, although each Dare meant several hours of work for me as I would have to research our sponsor(s), decide which of their product would fit into my dare layout, and spend my little GC they so super generously sponsored for us. It's been quite exciting to discover designers that I never would have known about if not for the dares. Yet, I have some things in the pipeline that I need to give all my energy to. Thank you very, very, very much to my Dare sisters, I've so enjoyed and cherished this  ride with you!!!!

So join us this week. my final week and end it with a bang: Have you scrapped your word for 2010 yet? We Digi Dare Ya

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