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Friday, December 3

Day 3 Journal Your Christmas/ December Daily

Day 3 Journal Your Christmas/ December Daily

Looking back, I guess it was unusual to have both grandfathers make their living as postal carriers. I thought of it as a noble profession. Although I doubt I'd ever be able to handle walking through rough weather, especially cold rains, and our long winters. And so, another year brings us to the time when it's customary, as I know it, to tip the mailman. I confess, we were quite confused last year as to who to tip because our longtime mail-carrier must have retired, I know he had knee problems. I miss him - he was so friendly, he'd be sure to chat with you almost daily if he could. Then for months, we had someone different everyday, until about 6 or 7 months ago. This fellow is about our age, keeps to himself, is on time, and very nice enough. We'll be leaving a Christmas tip very soon.

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theelfqueen said...

This is FANTASTIC! Love the story.

K Andrew said...

Very pretty--and just became a follower of your blog.
Excited to be writing with you over at GingerScrapStreet


Anonymous said...

Julie! I really enjoyed your journalling and love your page! My grandfather was a postman and my mother worked for the UK post office for years, so I agree that it is a noble calling! Thank you for the comment on my blog!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

@IreneWow! What a coincidence that our grandfathers had the same wonderful calling!!! xoxo

Julie Ann Shahin said...

@K Andrew
I'm looking forward to getting to know you!!!! xoxo

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Thanks sweetie!!! xoxo