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Saturday, December 4

NEW!!!! GingerScrapsStreet Digital & Hybrid Magazine February Calls Due December 15th

ScrapStreet and GingerScraps are joining forces

Hi friends,
As I posted a few days ago, I've been asked to join the team of staff writers for the new GingerScrapsStreet Digital & Hybrid Magazine.  It will be a monthly free zine for you to view online, each article is at least two pages long or more.  I'm quite honored to have applied and been accepted to this team. Watch for calls for a Creative Team soon!

I saw on my teammate's, K Andrew, blog a lengthier explanation than what I shared with you, which is inspiring me to write to you today. (You can find all the writing staff's blogs in the sidebar.)  I wanted to let you know a little more about what to expect from me in this exciting magazine.

Right now I am writing my first article to come out in our Premier issue on January 1st!!!! With the tight turn-around, I've asked a few friends to contribute to this article or I have found hybrid projects in online galleries that will work and contacted that person asking if the item is available for publication. I am still looking for a few more spots, so if you are interested in submitting a hybrid project for my first article - please email me at julieann at scrapstreet dot com, and give me 24 hours to respond. Do not send in any project images this time as I am looking for something specific and you might be asked to create something from scratch. Right now I am just looking for talent.

Next month, I will be repeating the process again for the February issue.... and if you want a head start - here are the February calls below. Then in both issues, I'll also be creating layouts - One for the Showroom where the magazine showcases a certain designer, this will be a hybrid layout, and One for Pixel Place.

It's a lot of work, a bit overwhelming right now with the holidays and traveling and all that but isn't it a marvelous and exciting new adventure for the scrap community? Check out these calls...........

Call Title: GingerScrapsStreet EZine FEBRUARY 2011 calls 
Ending Date: December 15, 2010

GingerScrapsStreet Digital Magazine is accepting submissions as we launchour new digital and hybrid magazine. This collaboration between thedigital expertise of GingerScraps.net and the publication experience ofScrapStreet.com Magazine will showcase the latest and greatest in allthings that BYTE brightly!
February Calls:

Each month we will choose one layout to grace our cover and that designerwill receive a wonderful package of goodies as our thanks. All layoutssubmitted for our article calls are eligible. Good Luck!

Hybrid: Are you a hybrid scrapper? Submit your layouts that use any hybridtechnique and tell us what you love about this style of scrapbooking!

Digital Designers: Would you like to be our featured designer for anupcoming month? A kit made by you will be the central point of ourmagazine and we will show off you and your work to all of our subscribers!

Love: What do you love? Not who--what! Show us your favorite things right now.

Strips: Do you remember your first time in a photo booth with a nostalgiathat makes your friends giggle? Can you just not resist adding a photostrip to your layouts? Share your best work as a stripper with us!

Go Girly: We want to see those layouts that show off everything that issugar, spice, and everything nice.

Just the Two of Us: What is it that you do with your sweetie? We arelooking for layouts that showcase just the two of you enjoying each other.Share your valentine with us.

Hearts: February would not be complete without an article featuringfabulous ways to include hearts in your creations. Show us the love!

Color me RED: We are looking for layouts that make using red that make usstop and go "yes!" and reach for our own favorite red kits. How do you usethe color of passion to make it pop off the page?

Deadline is midnight December 15th ... for all calls.

Please send your work to gsscalls@scrapstreet.com.

Please send a separate email for each submission you would like to beconsidered for publication.

Please keep the image size around 600 x 600 pixels. Thank you!

I hope you submit, submit, submit!!!!

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ashjoy said...

Hi Julie,
Congrats on the new DT. You must be one busy girl!

At the time it was first lady Bush, and acutally she acted like she didn't want to be there. I think the food that was served was not her normal class of food. She just kind of moved things around on her plate and politely smiled for a few photos and that was about it.

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Someone asked where this will be published. Stay tuned! I will post the link here on the blog. :)

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