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Saturday, June 5

Mad Tea Party 2010

Mad Tea Party 2010

Here's an excuse to have a Mad Tea Party!!!

Here's the information from Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist:

Wondering what to do if you sign up?
If you are signing up to participate in the Virtual Mad Tea Party, all you have to do are three things. (To sign-up, simply leave a comment at VANESSA'S BLOG saying you are joining in & leave your blog link. Thank you ;)

1) Share the flyer or the button on your blog as soon as possible.  Link to VANESSA'S blog post, and SHE will add your name to the "Mad Tea Partier" list in HER left hand side bar. 

2)  On the day of the tea party, June 26th 2010, please make sure to post a Mad Tea Party post of your own, on your blog, linking to HER.  Other partiers will be visiting you on that date.  

3)  Blog hop with the other partiers on the day of the event and have a mad blast!!  Again, the list of Mad Tea Party Participants will be in HER left hand sidebar.
Note:  Please make sure you post a tea party post on June 26th if you signed up.  Last year several people did not do this, and lots of partiers e-mailed VANESSA to ask why they were finding some blogs without a Mad Tea Party post.  VANESSA didn't have an answer.
Branch 3
Don't forget, this event is supposed to be pure fun.  Don't stress out about it, and do let yourself go positively mad ;)
If you need some, there are oodles of Mad Tea Party inspirations out there.  You can even order a copy of Winter 2010 Artful Blogging, where last year's tea party, along with a handful of other participating Mad Tea Parties were featured. 
  Mad Tea Party 
Artful Blogging Winter 2010 
Below are also some more tips and ideas for your own tea party, as featured in the Staten Island, New York Advance Newspaper....
   Mad Tea Party Article Vanessa 
And, even a few more Mad Tea Party Inspirations right here... if you scroll through that link...

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Marit said...

Ooooh, this sounds soooo tempting.... I will think about it HARD (have a lot of work to do next week) but I might join the tea party for I am a big fan of the mad hatter AND tea!!! Oh, what the heck I decide right now... I'll hop over to Vanessa and sign in! See you the 26th!!! (PS long time no see, hope you are allright?!)

Lora Oliver said...

merr...not sure how I missed this, but it looks and sounds fabulous.