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Saturday, June 26

Mad Tea Party Part 2

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! I said 2 o'clock and I'm late!!!! I'm still editing photos from the Tea Party my husband took me on a date to La-Tea-Da!!!! Here is what I have so far..........

The weather was perfect yesterday to sit on this gorgeous porch and eat outside. The owner's father was best friend's with my husband's father, both musicians....and he used to sit out here and play his instrument for hours she told us.

Next update......our fabulous tea inside, plus my many hats!!!!!!!!!!! 5 P.M. Sharp! I promise! Subscribe to my blog so you don't miss it! ;) xoxo

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Amy said...

wonderful photos! I bet you guys had a blast!

Beth said...

i love the sparkles. i think those would work on every single photo! :-D what a fun place!

Deborah said...

OOOOOooooooo love this tea house, especially the handing windows! De-Lovely. **blows kisses** Deb